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Recovery coaching utilizes strength-based support for individuals in active addiction, new in recovery, or for those who are "sober curious." 


Nell Hurley began working in the addiction recovery field in 2010 and has helped shape the  recovery coaching discipline in Minnesota and nationally. As the Executive Director of Minnesota Recovery Connection from 2010-2014, Nell Hurley co-created and launced a Recovery Coach Academy curriculum, training, and program and she helped train hundred of recovery coaches across the state. Minnesota's recovery coaching program spearheaded by Nell Hurley was later adopted by the state of Minnesota and is still used today to train and certify recovery coaches (now called Peer Recovery Support Specialists) for Medicaid reimbursable services. Today, Nell Hurley serves as a consultant for SAMHSA's Peer Recovery Center of Excellence to support the national peer (Recovery Coach) workforce.  

Hurley Health founder and coach, Nell Hurley, has lived a sober lifestyle for over 25 years. 


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